Die Casting Leader in MiddleEast: CARAN Co.

زبان فارسی

A Middle Eastern Leader...

CARAN Co. with over 35 years of history & experience in the field of pressure die-casting with a total of above 2400 tons and 6,500,000 parts per year, and with the advantage of having "Well-Trained Teams" of skilled experts, is one of the leading manufacturers in Iran and the Middle East.
By implementing "Modern Tech." and the abilities to fabricate/manufacture rather complex parts, we stand apart from others in serving all costumers according to our motto:


► Our Activities include:

- Mold Design & Die making
- Die-casting
- Trimming & Finishing
- Electroplating & Anodizing

► Some of our (non-ferrous) Products have been ordered by industries such as:  
- Car & automotives, Motorcycle spare parts
- Vehicular, Electric & Electronics
- Telecommunications
- Computers Housing
- Industrial Machineries
- Household-Appliances
- Gas-Burning
- Agricultural Machineries
- Lighting & etc.
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► Actively co-operating with major industrial units; in particular, having close ties with automotive Industries & leading High-Tech Institutes, which are involved in the processes of technical training, research & development in the relevant fields. This Enhances our know-how to keep abreast with our costumers' demands and enables us to meet the posed challenges in highly competitive auto-part production.
Deservedly, rewarded certificate of Grade - B, issued by SAPCO, as well earned the certificate of ISO9002 (Quality Management System), issued by BVQI.

► Brief Highlights of CARAN Co.
Active Units
1- One unit for Design & Die Making
2- Two units for Die Repairs
3- One unit for ElectroPlating
4- One unit for Tool Making
5- One unit for Designing/ Modifying/ Repairing of machineries
6- Three units for Machining & Finishing of cast parts
7- Laboratory & Quality Control units for cast parts

       ▪ Physical Plants
A- Total facilities have an area of (33,000)S.Q Meters
B- Production halls have an area of (9,000)S.Q. Meters
C- A new (47,500)S.Q. Meters area for plant development

       ▪ Machineries
A- 16 units for Cold-Chamber DieCasting Machines, ranging from 200 to 1,200 Tons
B- 1 unit of Hot-Chamber DieCasting 400 tons
C- 1 unit Low Pressure
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The Future & The Goals

Considering Iran's future membership status in "WTO", we have foreseen further modernization and expansion with significant boost in capabilities & capacities of our production plants,units, subunits and divisions, in order to make ourselves competitive and ready to enter into the world markets. Our aim is to achieve exportion of our productions. Hence, are very determined to reach our goal as a leading die-cast part exporter, too.


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